1.  Terms and Conditions of appointment of Independent Directors9.  Policy on Identification of Group Companies, Material Creditors, and Material Litigations
2.  Familiarization Programmes for Independent Directors10.  Code of Conduct of Board of Directors and Senior Management Personnel;
3.  Criteria of making payments to Non-Executive Directors11.  Policy for Determination of Materiality of events or information
4.  Nomination & Remuneration Policy13.  CSR Policy
5.  Board Evaluation Policy14.  Risk Management Policy
6.  Policy on Board Diversity15.  Dividend Distribution Policy
7.  Policy on dealing with Related Party Transactions;16.  Archival Policy
8.  Policy for determining ‘material’ subsidiaries17.  Whistle Blower policy;
HR PoliciesMOA /AOA
Leave PolicyAOA – Nova Agritech Limited
Travel PolicyMOA – Nova Agritech Limited


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