We have strengthened farmer outreach through Nova Kisan Seva Kendra. through which it educates farmers on various crop management practices. NKSK team provides farmers with need-based solutions, products, technologies, methodologies, know-how and usage skills thereby enhancing farm yield.

    • NKSK structure consists of 32 NKSK Co-ordinators, 13 Kisan Mithras and 253 Kisan Sevaks and the hierarchy of the system is as follows:
  • NKSK coordinators are women who have a degree in agriculture and they work from offices. Kisan Mithras are agriculture graduates who have an understanding about product deficiencies, whereas kisan sevaks work closely with the farmers and try to understand the problem or deficiency and report it to higher authorities. The kisan sevak meets the farmer, understands the problem and feeds it into the system.
  • The network reach of NKSK is as follows:
    • Total countries covered: 2
    • Total states covered: 15
    • Total districts covered: 218
    • Total crops covered: 129
  • NKSK has got more than 18.5 lakh farmer’s database and contacts around 100 to 150 farmers on daily basis.
  • For FY2022, number of new product trainings provided are 27, number of crop training provided to dealers and farmers are 15 and 534 respectively.

The company has a dedicated Facebook and Instagram page and also operate a dedicated YouTube channel,
NOVA AGRI TECH, wherein it showcases videos regarding its products. It currently has approximately 8500 subscribers for YouTube channel.

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