Bhu Parikshak

Bhu Parikshak

Soil Testing Device

To determine the nutrients, present in the soil, a rapid soil testing device based on IoT technology is used called Bhu-Parikshak. It helps in detecting the deficiency of nutrients in soil and then usage of correct fertilizers to increase efficiency. These devices are portable in nature, provides result instantly on the smartphone and are highly affordable with one of the highest testing capacities. It is a very low power consuming device having battery backup which can analyse 120 soil samples in a single charge. Furthermore, the predicted life of the device is 5 years and is capable of analyzing 1 million samples.

Bhuparikshak is first-of-its-kind novel device is capable of detecting soil health in just 90 seconds through an embedded mobile application. It would assist individual farmers in obtaining soil health parameters of agricultural fields with recommended dose of fertilizers without having to go to a laboratory. The device is based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy technology that provides real-time soil analysis reports on smartphones with an embedded mobile application named Bhuparikshak available on Google Play Store. It also maintains farmer land data to keep track for future developments.

Some of the advantages of the device are:

1. Instant soil pictogram of the mentioned parameters
2. Mapped field data availability in cloud storage for soil health and nutrient demand analysis
3. Recommendation for precise nutrient requirement

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