INDIA's DGCA approved multipurpose advanced DRONE

Nova AGRIBOT is an Agricultural Drone used mainly for
the spraying of agricultural chemicals – which is a boon for farmers.

Our drones are named as Agribot. This drone technology is developed to cater to the farmers and reduce their burden. Drones can help farmers to optimize the use of inputs (seed, fertilizers, water), to react more quickly to threats (weeds, pests, fungi), to save time crop scouting (validate treatment/actions taken), to improve variable-rate prescriptions in real time and estimate yield from a field. This is the DGCA approved drone for the purpose of the agri sector. This drone
will allow a farmer to spray any sort of soil health management, crop nutrition and crop protection products over an area one acre of land in six minutes, thus reducing the time of spraying such products and also making the process much easier.

DGCA Approved
  • Cost Saving for farmers
  • Time saving
  • Useful in labour unavailable area
  • Helps farmers in protect them from chemical exposure.
  • Completes spraying 1 acre in 5-10 minutess; 30-35 Acreage/Day
  • Very useful in remote areas
  • Reduce usage of chemical wastes
  • Correct placement of chemical
  • Agribot approved by DGCA
  • Tested by IARI, MOA, PAU, HAV & other institutions.
  • Mainly for spraying — Fungicides, Pesticides, Herbicides, Plant Growth Regulators.
  • Multiple spectral sensors — to monitor crop health
  • Autonomous flying mode
  • Can Spray 30-35 Acreage / day
  • Smart batter with automation
  • Collision avoidance & uniform spray across the canopy
  • Resume mission automatically
  • Good landing accuracy
  • Geo-fencing & RGB camera for monitoring
  • Single and Dual GPS accuracy
  • Mill grade components.
  • DGCA compliances: UIN / FTO pilot license and 3rd Party insurance available.

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