Nova Penola (Penoxsulam 1.02% + Cyhalofop Butyl 5.1% OD)



  • It can be used in rice both under transplanted and direct seeded conditions
  • It is a selective, systemic, broadspectrum & post-emergence herbicide
  • It is absorbed through foliage
  • It is translocated via phloem sieve tubes to apical meristematic tissues of leaf and stem
  • It effectively controls annual and perennial grasses, sedges & broad leaved weeds
  • It is a reduced risk herbicide
  • It has no residue carry over to succeeding crops when used as per recommendation
  • It can be applied with slight water film or in drained condition (drain the water before application)
  • It is safer to paddy plants as it is metabolized into safer metabolites (differential metabolism)
  • It is not persistent in the environment
  • Applied at 15-20 days after transplanting (transplanted rice) or days after sowing (for direct seeded rice)

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Paddy (Transplanted and Direct Seeded Rice)


800-900 mL

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500 mL & 1 L