Nova Promise (Bispyribac sodium 20% + Pyrazosulfuron ethyl 15% WDG)

  • Crops : Transplanted rice, Direct Seeded Rice
  • Dosage : Transplanted rice: 60gm/acre, Direct seeded rice : (DRS): 90 gm/ acre.
  • Available Pack : 60 gm & 90 gm


Features :

  • Nova Promise is a Broad – spectrum pre- emergence and post- emergence herbicide.
  • Nova Promise is a new generation selective herbicide with a highly efficient combination of two molecules that belongs to the pyrimidinyl carboxy group and Sulfonylurea group.


  • Nova Promise herbicide is highly recommended for Paddy (rice) crop weed eradication.
  • Nova Promise controls grasses, sedges, and broad-leaf weeds in both nurseries and the main field.
  • Bispyribac sodium absorbs through foliage and roots and inhibits the branched amino acid synthesis, thereby killing the weeds in the paddy field.
  • Pyrazosulfuron ethyl, also inhibits branched amino acid synthesis (ALS); Pyrazosulfuron ethyl is one of the new kinds of herbicide that effectively controls broad-leaf weeds and sedges in rice crops.
  • Nova Promise (Bispyribac sodium 20% + Pyrazosulfuron ethyl 15% WDG) has a wide window of application and can be used in pre-emergence to early post-emergent time.
  • The two efficient combinations of molecules ensure no weed among rice crops with their dual eradication power.
  • Nova Promise herbicide gives excellent satisfaction to Rice growers because it eradicates most weeds from the main field and maintains weed-free throughout the entire primary crop cycle.
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