Innova 545 (Novaluron 5.25% + Indoxacarb 4.5% w/w SC)

  • Crops : Paddy, Chilli, Tomoto, Black Gram, Soybean, Red gram, Chick Pea and Groundnut.
  • Dosage : 350 ml /acre
  • Available Pack : 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 350 ml, 500 ml & 1 Ltr.


Features :

  • Innova 545 acts as a chitin synthesis inhibitor and also affects the insect nervous system by inhibiting sodium ions entry into nerve cells hence, the insecticide hampers moulting & also paralyses the insect.


  • Innova 545 effectively controls different types of Lepidopteran caterpillars
  • Innova 545 is combination of IGR and nerve poison making it deadly for targeted pest
  • Innova 545 acts on every stage of insects which makes it a deadly combination for insect pests.
  • Innova 545 is safe to applicator and crop.


  • Innova 545 provides lush green colour to crop due to increase in chlorophyll and hence improves for better yield.
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