Cycle (Tricyclazole 75% WP)

  • Crops : Paddy
  • Dosage : 120 gm/ acre
  • Available Pack : 120 gm


Features :

  • Cycle is a specialty systemic fungicide.
  • Cycleis a protectant fungicide that prevents the fungus from penetrating the plant. In case of rice blast, the melanin pigment is needed for the hardening of the appressorium and inhibition of the pigment formation in appressorium makes it unable to mechanically penetrate the host plant.


  • Cycle provides control against blast in paddy at all the stages (leaf blast,stem blast and panicle blast).
  • Cycle translocates in plant very rapidly and inhibits further growth of the disease

Application time:

  • It should be applied as preventive spray starting from Nursery till grain filling. Application of Cycle in nursery is subject to appearance of blast symptoms. After transplanting, first application against leaf blast should commence at tillering stage & second at 5% panicle emergence stage for effective control of blast disease.
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