Pinakil GR

  • Crops : : Paddy, Turmeric, Chilli, Cotton, Sugarcane, Tomato, Okra, Brinjal, Cucumber, Watermelon, Banana, Groundnut, Pulses, Mango, all other vegetable and fruit crops.
  • Dosage : 8kg Pinakil GR/ acre.
  • Available Pack : 1 Kg (Bag), 4 Kg (Bag), 8 Kg (Bag), 25 Kg (Drum), 35 Kg (Drum), 48 kg (Drum), 50 Kg (Drum), 5 Kg (Bucket), 8 Kg (Bucket), 10 Kg (Bucket) & 20 Kg (Bucket).


  • Pinakil GR is a unique organic fertilizer manufactured by using different sources of seed cakes and manures with beneficial microorganisms to enhance soil microbial activity.
  • improves plant health and root growth and helps plants to fight against diseases.
  • Pinakil GR Provides essential C:N Ratio 20:1 or Less proportion to soil which helps to reduce harsh effect caused due to use of chemical fertilizers.
  • It improves the Soil physical properties and accelerate the breakdown of crop residues in the soil which improves Soil texture and releases the locked-up elements.
  • Involve in the metabolic processes responsible for transferring energy from one point to another in the plant.
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