Nova Nutri Combo

  • Crops : : Sugarcane, Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic Potato and Other Tuberous Crops.
  • Dosage : Mycorooter - 2.5 Kg, Nova Zinc 33% - 1 Kg, Uni Striker - 4 Kg, Nova Googley - 2 Kg, Nova Fer 19% - 1 Kg, Nova Sanjeevani - 300 gm, Nova Humaze-K - 500 gm, Nova Boron 20% - 500 gm, Nova K-Mag - 1 Kg, N-Cup - 500 gm, Nova Fert Ca:N - 1 Kg, Nova Mag - 5 Kg.
  • Available Pack : 20 Kg


  • Nova Nutri Combo contains 12 Set of Products which Helps the crop in Giving Quality and Higher Yields by Providing Control Over the different Pests and Diseases and by Supplying Nutrients as per the crop need.
  • Nova Nutri Combo contains Uni Striker which Effectively Controls Root Grubs, Stem borer and Shoot borers .also helps in Heathy root system development.
  • Nova Nutri Combo contains Nova Mycorooter, Nova Googley, Nova Humaze-K Which are 100% Water Soluble and Helps in Improving Soil health, by fixing nutrients in soil and Supplies Micro &Macro nutrients to crops.
  • Nova Nutri Combo also contains set of Straight Micro nutrient Products (Nova Mag, Nova Zinc33%, Nova Boron, Nova K-Mag, Nova Fert CN, Nova Fer19%) which Helps the Crop to Controls Nutrient deficiencies and protect against various pest and diseases
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