Nova Nutri Combi (3 Star)

  • Crops : Paddy, Maize, Wheat, Chilli, Cotton, All types of Fruit Crops, Field Crops, Vegetable Crops, Pulses, Flower crops, Oil Seed Crops and Plantation Crops.
  • Dosage : Uni Striker - 4 Kg, Micro Power - 5 Kg, Nova Sanjeevani - 300 gm
  • Available Pack : 9.3 Kg (Bucket)


  • Nova Nutri Combi is an unique combo pack which influences the plant physiological system of all crops.
  • Accelerates cellular division and increases vegetative growth.
  • Enhances the enzymatic activities to strengthen the plant defence mechanism at all the critical stages to resist pests & diseases.
  • Enhances the root growth and ability to absorb plant nutrients from the soil.
  • Improves tillering, encourages uniform panicle initiation, grain quality & yields.
  • Significantly increases qualitative & quantitative yields.
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