N-Cup (Copper Sulphate 24%)


  • Copper is an essential micro nutrient Used in an area of copper-deficient soil, copper sulfate enriches the soil and provides an essential nutrient to growing plants. In fruiting plants, copper affects the sugar content and flavor of the fruits produced.
  • N-Cup is involved in polyphenol oxidase, cyto chrome oxidase and enzyme metabolism.
  • N-Cup is a constituent of plasto cyanin, which has a key role in transport of electron in photosynthesis, between oxidising side of photo system-II and reduction of chlorophyll in photo system-I.
  • Copper also plays a significant role in pigments production in flowers.
  • N-Cup also has anti-fungal properties

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Cereals, Pulses, Commercial Crops, Vegetable Crops, Flower and Fruit Crops


1 to 2.5 gm / Ltr. of water

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100 gm, 250 gm & 500 gm