Prepare WG (Pretilachlor 30% + Pyrazosulfuron Ethyl 0.75% WG)

  • Crops : Paddy
  • Dosage : 800 grms / acre Time of application :  Apply within 3-7 days of transplanting
  • Available Pack : 400 gm & 800 gm


Features :

  • A selective, Systemic, and pre – emergent herbicide against tough weeds in rice

    Advantages :

  • Acts on Coleoptile and Radicle of germinating weed seed and effectively controls weeds
    It has a Dual mode of action
  • Prepare WG effectively controls annual grasses, broad leaved weeds and sedges in wet seeded rice field.
  • Prepare WG Can be used alone before weeds emerge or in combination with a contact herbicide to provide contact & residual control.
  • Prepare WG Rice Herbicide controlling annual grasses broad leaved weeds & sedges at pre emergence and early post emergence stages.
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