Nova Zinc 12% (EDTA Chelated Micro Nutrient Fertilizer)

  • Crops : Cereals, Pulses, Commercial Crops, Vegetable Crops, Flower and Fruit Crops.
  • Dosage : 5 kg to 10 Kg / Acre
  • Available Pack : 5 Kg & 10 Kg


  • Zn-EDTA is essential for the transformations of carbohydrates. It regulates consumption of sugar.
  • It is part of the enzyme system which regulate plant growth. It is associated with water uptake and water relation in the plant.
  • Chelated Zinc containing 12% Zinc is so integrated in the purest form as to provide the plants not only physiological stimuli to overcome environmental stresses also.
  • Nova Zinc 12% is easily translocated within the plants and it can be used on wide range on Soil pH (5.0 -10.0) to prevent permanent deficiency.
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