Nova Topmix (Metsulfuron Methyl 10% + Chlorimuron Ethyl 10% WP)

  • Crops : Paddy (Transplanted and Direct Seeded Rice)
  • Dosage : 8 g [+ Surfactant @ 2 mL/L of water (purchased separately)]
  • Available Pack : 8 g



  • It can be used in rice both under transplanted and direct seeded conditions
  • It is a selective, systemic, broadspectrum & pre- and post-emergence herbicide
  • It is absorbed through roots and foliage
  • It is translocated to growing points (apical meristematic tissues)
  • It stops shoot and root growth of weed plants in few days
  • It has low use rate making it more economical product
  • Faster half−life in soil makes it safer for the next season crops
  • It mainly controls sedges, broad leaved weeds & some grasses
  • Applied at 3 days after rice transplanting as pre-emergence application
  • Applied at 21-25 days after rice transplanting as post-emergence application
  • Applied at 20 days after seed sowing (under puddled condition) as post-emergence application
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