Nova Sugarcane Combi (Integrated Crop Management Kit)


  • Nova Sugarcane Combi contains 5 set of products which helps the crop in giving quality and higher yields by providing control over the different Pests and Diseases and by supplying Nutrients as per the crop need.
  • Nova Sugarcane Combi accelerates cellular division and increases vegetative growth.
  • Nova Sugarcane Combi enhances the enzymatic activities to strengthen the plant defense mechanism at critical growth stages to resist pest and diseases.
  • Nova Sugarcane Combi helps in more tillering and healthy stems which helps in increasing the qualitative and quantitative yields.

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Micro Power – 5 Kg, Nova Wonder CWDG- 3 Kg, Super Pinakil – 250 ml, Nova Decider – 5 Kg, Nomor Super – 75 ml

Available Pack

13.5 Kg (Bucket)