Nova Orgamin+ (Potash Mobilizing Bacteria)

  • Crops : Cereals (Wheat, Paddy, Maize, Barley), Pulses (Soybean, Green gram, Chickpea, Black gram, Pigeon pea, pea) Oil Seeds (Sunflower, Groundnut, Mustard, Coconut, Safflower), Fibrous (Cotton, Jute), Vegetables, Fruit and Plantation Crops.
  • Dosage : 1 kg / acre.
  • Available Pack : 1 Kg


  • Nova Orgamin+ is a effective organic water soluble biofertilizer having potash mobilizing bacteria as a bio-active agent which can mobilize available potassium in soil.
  • It reduces the loss and fixation of potassium, increase crop potassium absorption and utilization, also can hold the nitrogen and slow release, unlock the potassium inside the soil.
  • Carrier material which is placed in Nova Orgamin+ will chelate the micro elements and create good environment for microbial group, which will help to improve the soil structure.
  • Offers better roots formation with more nutrient absorption in plant., flower formation and flower setting and improves fruit development and quality.
  • Improves plant vigour with profuse branching, also helps in healthy vegetative growth of the plants.
  • It can be applied by foliar spray, fertigation and soil application.
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