Nova Fert 00-00-50 (SOP)


  • Nova Fert 00-00-50 technically known as sulphate of potash is completely water soluble fertilizer that is chlorine free and contains high quality potash and sulphur.
  • It induces root growth and enables the plants to uptake more nutrients.
  • Provides both Potash and Sulphur in adequate quantity to the plants.
  • Improves sugar content in fruits, their size and quality.
  • Provides uniform shape, size and colour to produce.
  • Free of chloride, chlorate, sodium and other detrimental elements.
  • Provides immunity to crop against pest and diseases.
  • Increases yield & shelf life of produce.

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Cereals, Pulses, Commercial Crops, Vegetables, Flower and Fruit Crops


Soil application / Fertigation – 10 kg / acre, Foliar application – 5-10 gm / Litre of water

Available Pack

1 Kg, 10 Kg & 25 Kg.