Hithoshi Gold (Pyriproxyfen10% + Bifenthrin10% EC)


Features :

  • Hithoshi Gold is contact & stomach action insecticide.
  • Hithoshi Gold combination product offers multi action control of whitefly pest in cotton crop.

    Advantages :

  • Hithoshi Gold is a combination of an insect growth regulator and pyrethroid.
  • Hithoshi Gold directly kills nymphal stage of the pest as inhibits reproductive capacity of the adult pest due to growth regulating activity of Pyrithroid.
  • Hithoshi Gold has translaminar activity and shows quick knock-down effect for long duration.


  • It effectively controls all the stages of Whitefly i.e. Eggs, Nymphs and Adults
  • It controls transmission of Leaf Curl Virus (CLCV) by controlling its vector
  • It controls Sooty mold that is spread by whitefly.

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250 ml, 500 ml &1 Ltr